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Etude Project

What is the Etude Project

Scales and etudes are the foundations of violin practice, and listening to a high-quality recording makes it faster and easier to learn.  On the Etude Project website, you can find all the major scales with several different note lengths and rhythms to play along with, listen to, and try to match.


You can also find the complete Wohlfahrt Violin Studies book 1 recordings, with every bowing variation that is in the book.  This particular etude book is one of the most important to master!  The scale and etude tracks can be purchased with or without a metronome beat.  


We also put together tracks with interesting beats to practice with!  Beats provides the same benefit as a metronome, but they're a little more fun!  You can use these beats with either the scales or etudes, or any other music you are practicing! 

How to use the recordings

  1. Listen to the etude or scale before practicing in order to have a fresh idea of what the sound should be while practicing. It will be easier to catch mistakes when a correct version of the music has recently been heard.

  2.  Play along with the recording to listen for aspects of playing which may or may not match the recorded example. If keeping a steady tempo is something that needs to be worked on, use the recordings with the metronome beat added. 

  3. Use the beats to play along with. This can be used for motivation for younger students, but also fun for any age!  It  will also help develop correct rhythm and a steady tempo.  



Practicing with the scale and etude recordings will help a student improve:


  • Left arm techniques:  Intonation, vibrato, fluidity

  • Right arm techniques:  Tone, articulation, bowing techniques, fluidity

  • Rhythm and counting:  Steady tempo, correct holding of note values and rests

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